Quality approvals:

Approved for the supply of all types of ‘Industrial Fastener’ to the EN ISO 9001:2015 
quality system.
An approved FPC system for the CE marking of ‘non-preloaded structural bolting
 assemblies’ to EN 15048-1:2009.
Approved to the environmental management systems standard EN 14001:2015.


Product procurement

All purchased fastener product is from EN ISO 9001 approved suppliers, and as a
 minimum with certification to EN 10204:2004 type 3.1 for mechanical properties.
 Product for CE marked structural bolting assemblies, to meet the requirements of the 
FPC system, is purchased with certification for both mechanical properties and
dimensional characteristics.


The EN ISO 9001 quality system is maintained by our consultant Mr Peter Hackett,
 Peter worked originally for Thomas William Lench Ltd in the quality department;
 during this time the company achieved approval to the MOD 05-24 and BS 5750 
quality systems. Peter left Thomas William Lench and became a consultant,
 assisting many companies to gain approval to the many revisions of EN ISO 9001.

All customer enquiries are subject to technical review before quoting; unless the
enquiries state EN, ISO or BS standards or are a repeat of a previous order. The
 technical review is carried out by the companies technical consultant Mr Roger
 Reed, Roger was both Quality and Technical Manager of Thomas William Lench Ltd.
 He chaired the UK Fastener Federation technical committee; is chairman of the BSI 
technical committee FME9 (fasteners) and convenor of CEN TCI 85 WG6 (structural

Quality equipment

The company has basic mechanical testing and measuring equipment including
 thread gauges, all calibrated to NAMAS requirements; designated company
 personnel are trained in their use.

Equipment includes:

  • Avery Universal Tensile Testing Machine.
  • Avery Rockwell Hardness Tester.
  • Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge.
  • Various Ring, Plug & Caliper Gauges for internal and external threads.
  • KJ Fasteners LTD is an approved supplier to many National and International
 companies. KJF have also been assessed & Certified for registration to the Utilities
 Vendor Data Base (UVDB) Supplier No. 701564.


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